Shuttle's Best of the Week: Sept. 25 - Oct. 1

Sep. 29th 2011

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1. Inspiring....



2. VIDEO: Kneeling externally rotated leg press on Shuttle MVP

(Eric Foran is the son of the Miami Heat's Strength & Conditioning coach, Bill Foran. Together they own Foran Strength & Conditioning. I was impressed when I saw Eric's video - mainly because I've never seen anybody do a kneeling externally rotated leg press on our MVP. Good stuff! You can learn a lot from these guys... and you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Their website is coming soon!)

3. VIDEO: One of the biggest mistakes athletes make when they stretch.

(Alan and Alicia Tyson own Architech Sports & Physical Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina. One of things that impresses me about Architech is their dedication to the female athlete. Their Female Athlete Sports Summit is next week... and they even have a separate Facebook page devoted specifically to the female athlete. They have two of our Shuttle MVP’s and you can follow them on their website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. )

4. VIDEO: I have it on nameless authority that the New England Patriots' star receiver Wes Welker uses a Shuttle... but you’ll never guess which one.



5. PHOTO: Just look at the stress on the metatarsophalangeal joint... oh, the humanity! 

Photo by: The Art and Science of Kinesiology

6. The Untold Story of Gatorade



7. VIDEO: We were featured on the nightly news... and they only got one thing horribly, horribly wrong.



8. VIDEO: Scientific test of speed, agility, musculature, and power of world's greatest soccer player. 

9. Straight Talk on Vertigo

(Kenji Carp is a sharp guy. He knows his stuff and can talk about it in an eloquent manner. That's why you'll find him leading a variety of continuing education courses throughout the year. Kenji owns Cooperative Performance & Rehabilitation in Eugene, Oregon. The guy's so busy, you won't have much luck catching him on social media. But, you can see his stellar work in a variety of videos he has done with the Shuttle Balance, Recovery, and MiniPress.)


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