Fab Five for 2011

Dec. 28th 2011

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With all these Top Ten, Best of 2011, Year in Review lists...

you know there's gotta be some end-of-the-year bias. Much of what we remember is due to proximity.

Well, at Shuttle Systems, we're no different. It's been a great year - chuck full of fun and excitement. But, what sticks in our minds is what's happening lately. So, in sharing our Fab Five for 2011, we've been a tad influenced by what's in the latest news.

And it seems to be basketball....

To all the Shuttle owners - and those wanting to own a Shuttle product - here are some fabulous Shuttle owners that you ought to get to know. Here's our Fab Five for 2011:

Alex McKechnie


The LA Lakers did some housecleaning in the off-season. And, while most people question their sending Lamar Odom to the world champion Dallas Mavericks, we wonder what they were thinking when they let athletic coordinator Alex McKechnie get away from them.

Alex was brought on by the Lakers back in 1997-98 to help Shaquille O'Neal recover from his abdominal tear. In the process, Alex helped Shaq rebuild his body sufficient to extend his career for another decade.

Well, the Toronto Rapters wasted no time in snatching up Alex and putting him in charge of everything: athletic training, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. His title is Director of Sports Science.

Considered a leader in core training and movement integration, Alex is the creator of the Core X System. He has used the Core X to work with all types of world class athletes and he uses it with the Shuttle MVP as well. 

We think Alex McKechnie is a man to watch and a wonderful man to get to know. We're thrilled to call him friend!

Charlie Melton

Great head coaches know how to give credit where credit is due. Scott Drew, head basketball coach at Baylor University, has had quite a run. He's built the Baylor basketball program into one of national prominence. And he gives at least part of the credit to his strength coach Charlie Melton.

Charlie is a creative guy. When we first got to know him, he was working on a concept he called Force Velocity. He has incorporated this concept on his three Shuttle MVPs. Charlie has also tweeked his MVPs to incorporate some very basketball-specific workouts:


Our new year's wish is to tap into his Charlie's creativity a little bit more. The only problem is, like the rest of this year's Fab Five - he's so stinking busy!

With his Baylor Bears currently undefeated and ranked sixth in the nation, we figure Charlie Melton's got a reasonable excuse.

Larry Kaplan

It's always nice to meet someone who has the confidence to put their money where their mouth is. It's even nicer when their confidence extends to your product....

Larry Kaplan is the owner of Varsity Fitness in Philadelphia. While he works with all types of athletes, Larry's real expertise lies in tennis. He's worked with some of the best in the business.

So, why are we talking basketball with Larry?

We've always felt the Shuttle MVP - among its other rehab and performance-enhancing qualities - excels in helping an athlete increase their vertical jump. Well, Larry believes it too. So much so, that he's created a vertical jump challenge. Larry will guarantee anybody that he can increase their vertical by 3 inches in just nine sessions at his gym. And he has no problem guaranteeing it cuz he's been able to do it everytime. 

We like that. We think it's smart marketing on Larry's part. We think it could be smart marketing for anybody that owns a Shuttle and wants to find a way to bring in some clients. We'll let Larry tell you about it.

Happy marketing! 


Bill & Eric Foran

Bill Foran has been a strength and conditioning coach with the Miami Heat for 23 years... long before the "LeBron-Wade-Bosch" show came to town. Bill started with the Heat when Glen Rice and Rony Seikaly were their feature stars.


In addition to authoring "High Performance Sports Conditioning" and being named the 2009 Co-NBA Strength Coach of the Year, Bill is the proud father of Eric Foran. Eric was a member of the University of Florida's 2010 National Championship track team and is now following in his father's strength and conditioning footsteps.

Together, they own and operate the new Foran Strength & Conditioning. They have a new website and are ramping up their social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter. They have also come out with their very own "How to Jump Higher" DVD & eBook.

Bill and Eric shared with us some of the unique things they are doing on their Shuttle MVP. One of the interesting exercises that Bill & Eric shared with us is their kneeling externally-rotated leg press - a subtle twist on what we call "donkey kicks" - and we love it!     

This is a great father and son team, and we look forward to following their success throughout the years.

Mark McKown

Mark McKown has also been around the NBA for awhile and was the Utah Jazz’s first full-time strength and conditioning coach. This good ol' boy (he's really not that old) hails from South Carolina and has now made a home for his family in Salt Lake City. 

The first thing that strikes you in meeting Mark is his wonderful kindness - he's one of the most pleasant men you'll ever meet. 

Mark has been a Shuttle fan for quite some time - and he's got the MVP to prove it. The Jazz have an MVP Classic purchased years ago, and Mark keeps it in excellent condition. Mark uses it in a variety of different capacities, whether it be for recovery from injury or helping his players improve their overall athleticism.

One of the ways Mark is able to do this is with his "Twenty Series" workout. Mark combines stretching, strength, and plyometric exercises in workouts for both the upper and lower body to help the Jazz players perform at their best. 

And he was kind enough to share it with us... and you!


We express our heartfelt gratitude to Alex McKechnie, Charlie Melton, Larry Kaplan, Bill and Eric Foran, and Mark McKown for using our Shuttle machines. We appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with us and your fellow Shuttle owners. You're great coaches, great trainers, and great people! Thanks for being our Fab Five for 2011.

And, we want to say "Thank You" to all our Shuttle owners. We appreciate your patronage, your hard work, and your creativity. Thank you for a wonderful year!

We sincerely hope 2012 is a great year for all of you!!


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