Shuttle Versus Tornado

Mar. 12th 2012

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Keywords: Physical Therapy, Shuttle 2000-1
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Shuttle Versus Tornado

null2000-1-Clinical-Plus.jpg  vs  nulltornado-3.jpg


We build our Shuttles to last....

We know everybody says that, but we'd like to think that we go about building our machines a little bit differently.

First, all of our machines are manufactured in the United States, in the state of Washington, in a little town called Glacier, in a converted garage (in a home that housed one of Hollywood’s most torrid love affairs).

Second, we build all of our machines using top-of-grade materials. We use things like surgical quality latex, anodized aluminum, and Boltaflex vinyl.  

Third, we have a local witch doctor pronounce a blessing on every machine that leaves our facility protecting them against competition, UPS delivery, and other acts of God.

OK. The third one ain't exactly true, but we gotta come up with some explanation for the following true story.... 

Shuttle Photo by: Shuttle
Tornado Photo by: SammyDavisdog



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