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The Beginning

In 1965 a young upstart at Boeing named Gary Graham teamed up with a group of bioscientists from NASA. Hired by the US Air Force for a classified space program, they began developing a method for maintaining a well-functioning cardiovascular system in a zero-gravity environment. When the project was unexpectedly scrapped after the development of the Cardio Muscular Conditioner, Graham continued his work on what would eventually become the first Shuttle: the Shuttle CMC2000. This would become the groundwork for the machines we continue to produce today.

The Future

While we’ve come a long way from that initial model to new variants like the Shuttle MiniPress, Balance, and Rebound, we still are hard at work on developing new machines and accessories for clinical, gym, and home settings. Our customer’s invaluable feedback is considered in all design changes and development, allowing us to continue to innovate and better meet your needs.

We are now located in Bellingham, WA on Meridian Street.

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