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Ultimate Plus

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It’s the Ultimate in Versatility, Comfort, and Value, from Geriatric & Bariatric Care to Athletic Performance.

Rehab - Improved Controls for Therapy, Greater Comfort & Adaptability, Accommodates Bariatric Loads.

Sports Training - High-Load Resistance for Leg Press and Explosive Plyometric Training Horizontal Leg Press Positioning.


  • Foot Print: 36" W x 104" L
  • Resistance: 5-500 lbs
  • Carriage Capacity: 600 lbs
NEW Ball Bearing Pulley System
  • Incredibly Smooth Function
  • Facilitates Pilates Movements
  • Provides an Auxiliary Pulley System for Standing Activities
NEW Kickplate Locking Mechanism
  • Secures Kickplate for High Load Leg Press and Plyometric Activities
  • Increases Stroke Length for Pilates Movements
NEW Rotating Hand Grips
  • Improves Ergonomics for Hands and Shoulders
NEW ROM Control
  • Improves Controls for Flexion/Extension
  • Locks Carriage Down for Easy Loading
NEW 4 Position Adjustable Backrest
  • Wider & Structurally Stronger to Support Bariatric Patients
  • Softer Padding for Comfort
  • Fully Adjustable Supine 15°, 30°, and 45° Options
NEW Greater Resistance
  • Higher Load Capability for Use as Leg Press and Plyometric Activities
NEW Wider Base
  • Supports Bariatric Patients
  • Improves Lateral Loading
  • Increases Sense of Security

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Why Buy From Us?

- Official Supplier to thousands of certified physical therapists, sports teams, and professional athletes.

- Outstanding Customer Service keen to understand your expectations and assure you on making the right purchase.

- Exceptional Technical Support that can walk you through issues and/or concerns that have to do with Shuttle Systems products.

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