#3104 #3104  Shuttle MVP Foot End Elasticords (Set of 8)

#3104 25lb MVP Foot End Elasticords (Set of 8)

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#3104 Foot End Elasticords - 25# load with T-Handle (Set of 8)

The elasticords for the Shuttle MVP are designated by “Headend” and “Foot-End”.  "Headend" denotes the end where the patient’s head would rest during normal leg press activities. Cords are anchored at the footend, strung along the frame, and have colored lanyards that load/attach at the head end of the carriage. Part Numbers: #3204 or #3207. "Foot-End" denotes the end of the machine where the kickplate structure resides. "Foot-End" cords load/attach under the kick plate with black plastic "T" handles. Part Numbers: #3104, #3104A, or #3107  *Classic MVP models predating mid 2011 will only have cords that attach at the foot end.

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